If your organization has a vast amount of customer, sales, and business process data and not sure how to make an effective use of them then our business analytics training courses will help you with predictive modeling for enhanced business intelligence and decision support, leading to significant cost savings and profit. Some of the applications of predictive analytics in businesses include customer relationship management, sentiment analysis, add-on sales, fraud detection, credit risk assessment, product review analyses, and targeted advertisement.

In our data fusion training course, you will learn how to combine and make sense of large volumes of structured and unstructured data from disparate sources, such as physical sensors, operational transactions, human intelligence, news, blogs, and social networking sites. The training provides an exceptional opportunity to know current practices, industry trend, and practical and cutting-edge fusion and decision support techniques with examples drawn from military intelligence analysis domains.

Machine Analytics has been giving tutorials and training courses on- and off-sites of companies and government labs and at conferences. These training courses are intended to provide a detailed understanding of both the cutting-edge and the most commonly used technologies for business analytics and multi-sensor data fusion. Some are as broad as covering computational approaches to situation assessment and decision making. On-site training courses are customized to the specific need of a group.

Attendees receive comprehensive slides, texts, CDs and software tools to take away for future references. The content of these tutorials are drawn heavily from books by in-house experts, especially two recent ones, namely, “High-Level Data Fusion” and “Foundations of Decision Making Agent: Logic, Modality and Probability,” and the forthcoming “Computational Business Analytics”. Depending on a group’s need, the content of a training course can be technical covering algorithmic details or can be prepared in a highly non-technical manner with a general audience in mind.

Current training courses offered:

Business Analytics (1 or 2 days)
Data Fusion (1 or 2 days)
Text analytics (1 day)

Instructors: Dr. Subrata Das with contributions from Matthew Macarty.

Please call at: +1 617 797 1077 or email at training@machineanalytics.com.

Past Trainings