Machine Analytics has a broad and deep expertise in various AI techniques and tools at both the symbolic and sub-symbolic levels which includes proprietary argumentation technology.

Symbolic Level

  • Rule-based  Expert SystemsMarkov Modeling - Time and Causality
  • Probabilistic AI (e.g. Bayesian Belief Networks, Influence DIagrams)
  • Dempster-Shafer Theory of Belief Functions
  • Case Based Reasoning
  • Logic Programming
  • Fuzzy and Possibilistic Logics
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Semantic Web (RDF, OWL, Description Logics)
  • Symbolic Argumentation

Sub-Symbolic Level

  • Artificial Neural Networks (e.g. feed forward back prop, ART, Kohonen’s SOM)
  • Evolutionary Computation (e.g. ACO, Genetic Algorithms)

Temporal Modeling

  • Dynamic Bayesian Networks
  • Particle Filtering
  • Kalman Filtering and extensions