Machine Analytics’ Deep Fusion service researches artificial intelligence and hierarchical machine learning techniques and develops customized software solutions to multi-source and multi-sensor big data integration, correlation, and analysis. A variety of cutting-edge machine learning techniques that are being explored to tackle the integration and correlation problems include:

* Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM) and Deep Belief Network (DBN) 
* Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) 
* Stacked Auto-Encoders 
* Deep Recursive Neural Network (RNN) 
* Long and Short Term Memory (LSTM)

Models built under Deep Fusion are adapted to process multiple modalities at various time resolutions. Rather than reducing each modality independently and integrating and correlating at a higher level model (feature-level integration), the Deep Fusion service generates a set of multi-modal features, thereby maintaining the core properties of the dissimilar signals and resulting in fused models of higher accuracy. The benefits of Deep Fusion includes enhanced situation assessment, surveillance, and object tracking.


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