Company Overview

Machine AnalyticsTM, started in 2011 in Cambridge, MA, specializes in business analytics and data fusion technologies. The company develops customized solutions for clients in government and businesses using its cutting-edge products. Our methodology for developing solutions is well-defined.

Machine Analytics is led by Arup Das, who is an industry expert in business analytics and data fusion. Chief Scientist Subrata Das has over 20 years of experience in working with big and small companies, applying cutting-edge artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine and deep learning technologies. Subrata has published several books in the areas of analytics and fusion.

The company’s analytics and data fusion services are based on many years of working experience with various government agencies, fortune 500 companies and tech savvy small and medium sized companies that understand the bottom line value of business intelligence. Machine Analytics currently consults with the Department of Defense on big data analytics.

We specialize in both traditional statistical techniques and cutting-edge data mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques for making greater sense of business data and business process automation. Our approach to descriptive and predictive analytics is to augment/enrich numerical statistical techniques with those symbolic artificial intelligence, data mining/machine learning and control theoretic techniques that have been employed for data fusion over the past several decades.

Our Team