Text analytics can now be part of your course curriculum to help your students navigate through big social media data. Machine Analytics’ tool aText is the most cutting-edge program available on the market that makes use of deep linguistics processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence techniques.

Some of the functionalities of aText include text summarization, sentiment and social network analyses, automated topic extraction, and various supervised and unsupervised document classification techniques.

“Machine Analytics’ software tool aText is possibly the only available tool which can conveniently input text data and perform a sentiment analysis (without having to write numerous lines of code). Dr Das’s contributions are however not limited to text analytics; his excellent book on Computational Business Analytics gives a thorough introduction to descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics with an emphasis on Bayesian networks, a very important area given how intricate the issue of “causality” is in analytics work .”
Dominique Haughton, Ph. D. Professor of Mathematical Sciences and Global Studies, Bentley University
“aText is a valuable tool for bringing text analytics and Big Data into an analytics curriculum. The software lets students search, retrieve, and analyze Social Media data (tweet searches, Facebook searches, social network analysis, Amazon review searches, etc.) quickly and easily for better business insight. Through its impressive combination of power and ease of use, aText makes cutting edge capabilities of text analytics accessible to students and practitioners alike. “
Stephen Mahar, Ph. D. Faculty Director, MSA Program Department of Management and Operations, Villanova School of Business

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